The British Watch & Clock Makers’ Guild

Complaints Procedure

It is to be hoped that in the event of there being a dispute between a member of The British Watch & Clockmakers’ Guild (whether that Guild member is an independent repairer or a Company) regarding any repair carried out by that member, that dialogue between both parties will resolve the situation.

However, in the event that a satisfactory resolution between both parties cannot be reached and a complaint is received in writing (either by letter or email) to the Guild Secretary, then the following Complaints Procedure will come into effect :

  1. On receiving a written complaint against a Guild member, the Guild Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the complaint.
  2. The Guild Secretary and/or the Guild Chairman will contact the Guild member to ascertain a response to the complaint.
  3. The Guild Secretary and/or the Guild Chairman will contact the complainant with the response from the Guild member.
  4. If a satisfactory way forward between both parties cannot be reached, a suitable Complaints Committee will be convened by the Chairman to consist of  three members of the Board – one of whom will have experience dealing with the general public and one of whom will have a background in the same discipline of horology as the cause of the complaint.  The  Chairman will form the third member of the Complaints Committee.
  5. The Complaints Committee will consider all aspects of the complaint and come to a conclusion.
  6. If the complaint is not upheld, both parties will be informed of the decision and the reasons why this decision has been reached. No further action will be taken.
  7. If the Complaints Committee decides that the complaint is upheld, both parties will be informed of the decision and the reasons why this decision has been reached.  A file will be opened by the Guild Secretary recording the complaint and the decision taken, and the Guild member will be required to satisfy the Guild Board that all necessary action has been taken to rectify the matter and the complainant satisfied. 
  1. If a second complaint is received against the same Guild

member, then the procedure as stated above will again come into effect.  Should this second complaint be upheld by the Complaints Committee, then the full Guild Board will be informed of the situation at the next Board Meeting following the decision of the Complaints Committee.  With the Guild Board’s approval the Guild membership of that Guild member will then cease.

  1. Following the Guild Board’s decision, the member’s name and contact details will be removed from the Guild website and The Green Book as soon as is practically possible. The member will also be required to remove the Guild logo and any wording showing that they are a Guild member from their website/

notepaper/advertising/window sticker and any other form of communication with the general public. They will also be asked to return their Guild certificate