27 Oct

The Watchmaker Apprenticeship – why you should employ an apprentice now.

The second cohort of apprentices will start learning at the Watchmaker Apprentice Training School (WATS) in January 2021. 

27 Oct

The Clockmaker Apprenticeship – your trade needs you!

So much has happened since I last sat down to write an update on the Clockmaker Apprenticeship ­– no-one could have predicted Coronavirus and the d

Alex Twigg's Epicyclic Clock Design
06 Oct

An Epicyclic Clock Adventure

Part 1 - Making the Annulus Wheel

31 Jul

Researching the Guild’s History

The Guild is to fund a small research project into its formation and history after it was found there was little to no information pre-1930s.

28 Apr

Guild Visit to the British School of Watchmaking

Members of the Guild’s Board of Directors paid a highly informative and enjoyable visit to the British School of Watchmaking in Sale, near Manchest

The iconic IWC building in Schaffhausen.
27 Apr

IWC calibre Jones

Calibre Jones watches were the first watches made by the International Watch Company (IWC) and are now around 150 years old, Figure 1.

27 Apr

anOrdain – Enamelling - Old Crafts in New Hands

anOrdain, a vibrant ‘new’ Glasgow-based watchmaking business, which specialises in making enamel dials in time-honoured tradition, has just receive

07 Jan

Making the VFR Timer

A functional hand-made military style chronograph – Part 1


Guild Chairman Jools Holland OBE
19 Dec

A Message from the Guild President Jools Holland OBE

Enjoy yourself ... it’s later than you think!

19 Nov

Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair celebrates a first!

Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI) join exhibitors at the September fair.

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